The Holes That Make You Whole

There is a hole in my chest. 
On the left side. Close to the heart.
My wife says it looks like someone 
has taken a handful of me
and ripped it off.
I don’t know where I got it
She might be right.

There are small holes in my head, 
Most were closed with stitch or two.
From the time of being curious
and not afraid of the world.
I got the first one when I was one
and last one at eleven
when the world started to scare me

There is a hole in my right earlobe
Small one, where the bone has cracked. 
It looks as if I had a piercing there.
I didn’t. I was in a fight

I have a hole in my soul,
From caring more of death than living
For bigger part of my life.
That surprisingly still continues - less lonely now.
I would love to call it a scar,
but old habits die hard.

I have a hole in my forehead.
From being hit by a car
They say it's magic that I didn't go mad.
I now look like Harry Potter.
I sometimes worry if I've lost my mind,
but don’t know how to tell.

These are the holes I look through 
when I look at life.
The empty spaces that,
when linked together and filled between
make me.
And sometimes with all these holes,
I feel like a damn good and old 
Swiss cheese.

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